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BuzzMG is a full service marketing and marketing research provider with the mission to help companies and organizations build prosperous connections with consumers. Our primary goal is to serve as your portal to communicating with and understanding your target market as well as your partner in providing the marketing expertise to get your message or product into this market. We pride ourselves on the credibility of the information we gather about the current interests, needs and desires of consumers, as well as our ability to help companies in their continued efforts in marketing to them.

Recent News.
  • Research

    Buzz Marketing Group specializes in getting you the info that you need from children, tweens, teens, and young adults. Whether it’s through online research...  

  • Trendspotting

    Do you know what the next trend’s going to be? We do. Through our international network of consultants, we’re able to gather this information for our clients quickly. It’s always important to know what the next hot thing is...

  • Viral Marketing

    Whether you call it viral marketing or “buzz marketing,” it means the same to us. We know it’s your goal to spread your brand messages as quickly as possible. Because BuzzMG understands the young consumer...

  • Consulting

    Our consulting services can benefit many businesses globally, whether it is an emerging brand or an existing brand that needs a boost. You provide us with the topics, and Buzz MG teen consultants will brainstorm...

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“This lighthearted series [is] sure to please girls all too aware of the impending approach of middle school.” (ALA Booklist )

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