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Earning Millennials’ Trust With Charity

Everyone loves a great deal, including Millennials. Trust us when we tell you that coupons will reel them in every single time, given that 77% and 53% of Millennials spend more than $50 and $100 per month at Walmart and Sam’s Club, respectively.
But at the same time, no one wants to feel like they’re being “sold.” They want to feel like they’re truly getting value from their purchase.
Millennials may be young, but they are the farthest thing from fools. In fact, as a whole, the generation’s values run very deep, and marketers must understand their mindset before trying to win them over.
Philanthropic Gestures Breed Trust

To start, Millennials aren’t just concerned with themselves, they’re concerned about others. (Read: You should be concerned about others, too.) That is why products associated with some type of philanthropic mission do well with the younger generation.
Just think of TOMS… For every pair purchased, one pair is donated to someone in need. And let’s not forget the “Red” campaign , which raised funds for AIDS research in Africa – thanks to all participating vendors selling everything from shoes to cellphones and wristbands.
This generation wants to make a difference in this world, so it isn’t shocking that 72% are more inclined to buy items if proceeds go to charity. Moreover, almost half are more willing to buy goods if they are organic, and over two thirds are willing if the products are eco-friendly. Take this as evidence that they actually care about where their products are coming from and how their purchases influence the world at large.
You see, Millennials are moral-driven creatures with a strong focus on the welfare of the world.
From Concept to Completion
So where does this leave you? Be as open and receptive as possible. Brand your company as one that is open to Millennials’ preferences, thoughts, and suggestions – concerning both your services/products and issues at large.
After all, 89% of Millennials would like to be able to offer suggestions to manufacturers. And since we’re being open and honest… 92% of Millennials want to be able to scan products while in a store and 52% of Millennials prefer to buy products made in the USA..Don’t be surprised that there is also a high demand for digital shopping lists and self-checkout venues.
So, now that we have provided you with helpful nuggets for this month, go out there and use them! Bottom line: Be honest, helpful, and open. Be good. Millennials will reward you greatly in return.

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