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The Mash-Up Americans

What does it mean to be ‘American’ today? It’s no longer Black or White, Hispanic or Asian. Instead, it’s all of the above. America today is a Mash-Up of cultures, languages, races and beliefs. And Mash-Up Americans, a powerful new demographic that crosses traditional verticals, are creating a shift in how we think about the […]

Dream, Girl

“Any person, male or female, could be a leader and I think anyone is capable. It just so happens that, for us, it’s more complicated. I hope that this is the generation that changes because I think that it’s time for change.” These are the words of a young girl in the new film Dream, […]

The Control Uncontrolled Guns Have on America’s Millennials

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” This statement is true, but only in theory. It’s more accurate to say: People with guns kill people. Could the Orlando shooter have killed 50 millennials as quickly as he did if he was without a gun? America is fighting for answers… How can we minimize gun violence? […]