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The Control Uncontrolled Guns Have on America’s Millennials

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” This statement is true, but only in theory. It’s more accurate to say: People with guns kill people. Could the Orlando shooter have killed 50 millennials as quickly as he did if he was without a gun? America is fighting for answers… How can we minimize gun violence? How can we prevent another “Orlando shooting” from happening? Can America find a way to minimize innocent bloodshed without infringing upon the Second Amendment?
The Right to Bear Arms?
Most people have (or know someone who has) a firearm. According to a recent survey of 469 millennials, 23% of people own a firearm. Eighty-seven percent knows someone who owns one. And 63% have fired a gun at some point. Since guns are becoming more and more common, is it wrong to ban firearms to reduce crime?
Survey says, 46% of the participants believe banning firearms would reduce crime. Shockingly, 58% says that if the government passes a law to take their guns away, they would give them up. Meanwhile, 42% say our Constitutional right to bear arms should override any modern laws opposing the Second Amendment. If this survey indicates any resemblance of America at large – we can easily see that there is no black and white answer to solve this ongoing gun issue. If all guns are banned, there will be an uproar. If nothing changes, senseless mass shootings will continue.
Moderation Is Key
The most logical answer is somewhere in the middle between the liberals and the conservatives. Instead of completely violating the right to bear arms, 63% of surveyed people say there should be a limit to the quantity of weapons one person can own. And 61% says should be a limit on the quantity of ammunition one person can buy. All fair suggestions.
Some have even suggested to hold the gun sellers responsible. 80% says that all gun sellers should be held accountable for guns used to commit crimes, but only if proper background checks weren’t performed.
Majority Rules
Apparently there are a handful of regulations the majority agree to: mandatory background checks (97%), mandatory firearms safety classes (92%), gun denial to convicted criminals (85%), gun denial to the mentally ill (91%), banning all semi-automatic and assault style weapons akin to what was used in the Orlando shooting (71%), and a federal database to track gun sales and purchases (85%).
And should someone make it through the initial filter to access a gun, 75% says that gun owners should renew their license annually.
Bottom line: It’s clear that America wants some type of gun control reform, but the real task is elected officials following through on what the young American people so desperately cry for.

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