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Brexit, Hillary, The Donald, and Millennials

Millennials are multi-layered creatures. They care deeply about their country, world affairs, and their values. Brexit, the United States 2016 presidential election, police brutality, immigration controversy, acts of terrorism–What are Millennials thinking in perilous times such as these? And what political action will they take?
In the information age, Millennials are always watching. According to our recent survey, 66% of them are consuming media primarily through mobile devices. This explains why #Brexit lit up my Facebook timeline the day Great Britain left the European Union (EU).
And it’s not just some fad. 95% of Millennials know exactly what the EU is and 76% know which countries are part of the EU. Twenty-eight percent believe it was a good thing for Great Britain to leave the EU.
87% of Millennials believe Brexit will impact the U.S. economy.
Bringing the Focus Home
Most millennials consider themselves either Democratic (54%) or Independent (24%). A small 22% associate with the Republican Party. Ninety-three percent are registered, and plan to vote, for the upcoming U.S. presidential election.
And how do they know what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are up to during this election? Television (79%) and social media (70%) are the top two sources millennials use for news about the election.
Not surprisingly, Facebook takes the No. 1 spot for those social media platforms with an overwhelming 93% from our survey of Millennials.
So who exactly ARE Millennials voting for this year?
The Ultimate “Millennial” Candidate Is…
The one and only Hillary Rodham Clinton. According to Millennials, 70% are voting for Hillary. Compare that to the remaining 30% who are voting for Trump.
After all, the issues closest to millennials’ hearts are the economy (63%), public education (44%) healthcare (42%) and terrorism (36%).
We are just four months shy of November. If this survey resembles America at large, it looks like the nation might be voting for its first woman president.
– Nikia Wade

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