Millennials & Politics

In a national poll conducted by BuzzMG during April 2018, Millennials were asked to respond with their views on a few hot political topics in the US. Appropriate to the month of April, one of the topics we polled about was gender pay equality. As you may know, April is the host month of what […]

How to Get the Biggest ROI with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing can be a tricky, but incredibly valuable, way to market your product or brand. The key to doing so making sure your influencers are the right fit, hit the proper demographic you’re targeting, and are within a realistic budget for your campaign. Budget is a big factor in choosing influencers for your campaign. […]

Three “C’s” For Your Spring Influencer Campaign

You’d think that with three c’s I’m referring to a diamond, but not today. But, when you think about it, an influencer campaign could be exactly what you need to make your brand shine this spring. One of the top trends this spring is florals, and with florals come color. There’s nothing better to make […]