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How to Get the Biggest ROI with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing can be a tricky, but incredibly valuable, way to market your product or brand. The key to doing so making sure your influencers are the right fit, hit the proper demographic you’re targeting, and are within a realistic budget for your campaign.

Budget is a big factor in choosing influencers for your campaign. More often than not, the number of followers an influencer has goes hand-in-hand with the price of their time and posting schedule. There are some exceptions to this, as you will find some influencers are willing to work below their normal pricing to promote a company/product/brand they already regularly use or really believe in.

When approaching an influencer campaign, a smart way to handle your budget is to have a mixture of high-tier, mid-tier, and low-tier influencers; this will help you hit all levels of demographics from regional to national.

When looking at the different tiers of influencers, it’s important that when selecting from the lower tier that you focus on the location of said influencer. Influencers with smaller follower counts tend to have more of a local audience. You want to make sure your influencer lives in a location that is fitting with the demographic of followers you’re looking to hit.

Finally, finding an influencer that is a natural fit for your product can be a long process but is possibly the most important aspect of making your campaign successful. There are many influencers out there in the social-sphere that will endorse any product, any time, and are entirely in it for the money. Be aware of these influencers and when you spot one, run in the other direction. When selecting your influencers, you need to take the time to research their feed, their follower engagement, and the consistency of their posts. If an influencer you’re considering has a lot of followers but is only posting advertisement after advertisement, chances are their follower count could be partially paid for and their engagement is low. If they have consistent engagement and post advertisements that fit in with their natural flow of images and captions, that’s the influencer for you.