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What do Millennials really think about Entrepreneurship?

// By on Jul 9th, 2014, in blog

BuzzMG had the amazing opportunity to team up with the Young Entrepreneur Council and Eyeflow this month and generate a study on Millennials and Entrepreneurship. Today, featured our nifty infographic of the research – but here is a little sneak peek into what we found:

- 88% of Millennials would like to work for a start-up or an entrepreneur, up from 69% in 2011.

- 62% believe that the government is not adequately helping starts-ups and small businesses.

- 25% of current Millennial entrepreneurs started their business as a result of being unemployed, up from 21% in 2011.

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Millennial Entrepreneurship

// By on Jun 20th, 2014, in blog

As you’ve probably heard, our latest research collaboration with YEC is focused on Millennial entrepreneurship in the United States and we gained some excellent insight into this developing trend. The findings from this study were featured in the Harvard Business Review,, and Money Magazine.

Here are a few tidbits from the study:

- 82% of respondents are interested in starting their own businesses.
- 88% are interested in working for an entrepreneur if possible.
- Despite the fact that most Millennials (94%) believe that entrepreneurship education is especially important in this day and age, only 38% have actually been offered a class in entrepreneurship and the majority of them did not feel that the class provided enough for students.
- Over half (60%) of respondents do not believe that a college degree is a prerequisite for starting a business.
- 68% do not believe that pursuing an MBA is worth it.

To learn more about Millennials’ thoughts on entrepreneurship, MBAs, freelancing, and unpaid internships, click here and read our latest report. Enjoy!

Globetrotting Millennials

// By on Jun 19th, 2014, in blog

With today’s “shrinking” world, it is becoming easier and easier to travel across borders and oceans into new parts of the world – and Millennials have become a key demographic for many sectors of the travel industry. So BuzzMG sat down with over 400 Millennials from all over the US to gather their thoughts on travelling and vacations. We learned that about two-thirds (66%) of respondents take one or two vacations per year and that 77% plan their vacations more than three months in advance. In regard to airline carriers, Southwest and Delta came out on top while Hilton and Marriott International were listed as the most preferred hotel chains. Yet despite their interest in loyalty programs, various amenities, and location, price point is still the most important factor when Generation Y looks for hotels, flights, and rental cars. To learn more, click here and read out latest report!