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Know what the younger
generation is thinking about you?

BuzzMG is a full service marketing and marketing research provider whose mission is to help companies and organizations build prosperous connections with consumers. Our primary goal is to serve as your portal to communicating with and understanding your target market as well as your partner in providing the marketing expertise to get your message or product into this market. We pride ourselves on the credibility of the information we gather about the current interests, needs and desires of consumers, as well as on our ability to help companies in their continued eðorts in marketing to them.



What is the Blue Room?

The Blue Room is our in-house think tank designed to help clients bring their ideas to life. It encompasses all of our services – from research to buzzStorming and viral marketing. Clients work with a designated group of our buzzSpotters® and Buzz Consultant Board members on a constant basis to make ideas come to life.

Who is the typical Blue Room client?

Blue Room clients tend to be major consumer brands looking to create new brand extensions, give existing brands makeovers, or just looking to try something new. Because of the nature of this service, we do not release the names of our clients.

How long are clients usually engaged?

Our Blue Room clients sign up to work with our network in six month intervals (e..g, 6, 12, 18, or 24 months).

What can we expect during our Blue Room experience?

Although every experience is unique, there is one overall truth for each Blue Room experience: You and your team will be immersed in youth culture, and you will gain these insights directly from the youth themselves. You will be paired with individuals from our youth network who will work with your team and communicate directly with you. Once we launch your Blue Room, we will all be one team with one focus.

Your team will consist of two project managers from BuzzMG and at least 10 youth from our buzzNetwork. Depending on the scope of the project, your Blue Room might engage up to 30 youth at one time.Blue Room clients access their project through a secure site, and communicate with their team via email, instant messages, buzzStorming sessions, and buzzImmersions. We also utilize buzzBoards, which allow us to post messages for the team to review.

There are many other pieces to the Blue Room puzzle, and we’d love to tell you more about it!

How much does the Blue Room cost?

Every experience is customized to the client’s request and incorporates a host of BuzzMG services, including research, consulting and viral marketing. Please contact us directly for pricing.

Who do I contact?

For more information on the Blue Room, please contact Tina Wells at