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Forget reading the headlines,
meet the headlines.

You watch the streams, they upload the video. They’re not just “in the know.” They are in the now and always looking around the next corner. These are the movers and makers in today’s culture, the youth who shape and create what you will be streaming and reading about tomorrow. If you want to really know what’s going on in youth culture, why go anywhere else but directly to the one’s responsible for it?

Some Members:

  • IMG_0790

    Billy McAllister

    State: Indiana

    School Year: College Senior

    Clubs/Activities: Intramural Basketball, Sam. H. Jones Scholar, Volunteering

    Shout Out: It feels great being an ambassador for a product that I have been using all my life. I don’t know where I would be without Five Star® Academic Planners!

  • IMG_0878

    Elizabeth Choi

    State: Michigan

    School Year: High School Sophomore

    Clubs/Activities: Travel Soccer and other sports, Music/Band

    Shout Out: As an ambassador I would love to let everyone know that Five Star® is not an ordinary brand. It is dependable and something more than just a notebook. It brings style, personality, and creativity to the field along with the security of not having to replace any product of Five Star®.


  • IMG_0668

    Annie Federici

    State: New Jersey

    School Year: College Sophomore

    Clubs/Activities: Volunteering

    Shout Out: I’m a college sophomore at Rutgers University. I love going to the beach and giving back to the community. I am so excited for this opportunity to share with everyone how great of a brand Five Star® is! Five Star® team members put in so much effort to ensure students with the best products possible! I can’t wait to reach out to fellow students and help them succeed!


  • IMG_0919

    Danny Wirt

    State: Pennylvania

    School Year: High School Junior

    Clubs/Activities: Soccer, Chess, Track, Cross Country

    Shout Out: I’m just a normal kid with a super product.


  • IMG_0844

    Savannah Hicks

    State: California

    School Year: High School Sophomore

    Clubs/Activities: World Languages Club

    Shout Out: I’m really into fashion and makeup! (I have a YouTube channel: Isavannahhicks) I’m, hoping to show how school supplies can be fashionable and functional, and bring new ideas for Five Star® products.


  • IMG_0752

    Sekani Caire

    State: Maryland

    School Year: High School Junior

    Clubs/Activities: Basketball Camp

    Shout Out: Five Star® is a really great company because of how hard they work to supply us with the things we need that hold our lives together. They placed me in a professional environment where my words could impact future designs and it’s an amazing feeling. I really enjoyed it and am thankful for the experience and newly found friendships. It feels great to tell others that I’m currently working as an ambassador for Five Star®.



The buzzSpotters® are the pulse of BuzzMG. They are the trendsetters and tastemakers in their school, community, or city. Whether they’re discussing a cultural phenomenon or explaining everyday youth behavior, they are helping our clients make the decisions that matter.

Our international network of over 9,000 youth have been selected on a peer-to-peer basis through our proprietary process that promises to capture true trendsetters. Whether they are keeping us up-to-date on the latest buzz words or sounding off on a hot topic, they are creating youth culture. The 9,000 buzzSpotters and their parents are our proprietary panel. This network loves to share their opinions and forecasts keeping us up to date in many different categories including:

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Sports & Travel
  • Toys & Electronic Devices
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Lifestyles, Community & Politics
  • Food & Beverage

For more information on our buzzSpotters®, please email



Local Impact. Global Reach.

Each panel of buzzSpotters® will be customized to meet your needs. The goal is to integrate these into your insight program and brand development in order for you to more effectively reach your customers.

buzzSpotter Age Groups

  • Children: 6-8 years
  • Tweens: 9-12 years
  • Teens: 13-19 years
  • Young Adults: 20-30 years
  • Parents (of Children and Tweens): Any Age

buzzSpotter Network

Our network of buzzSpotters® extends far beyond the United States. We have buzzSpotters all over the world. Here’s a sampling of where they are from:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom