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If You Fail To Plan,
You Plan To Fail.

Our best projects start with plans that include research and activation. We first have to determine and examine the needs and desires of your target demographic; then, we can build a strategy that is customized to your organization’s goals. We love our clients and the work we do with them. Check out some of our case studies for an inside peek into how we work.

  • Apollo

    Marketing Audit // Apollo Capital Apollo


    To perform marketing and communications audit of a recently purchased company with an annual advertising budget of $25 million


    • Reviewed entire media mix with particular focus on ad buys and effectiveness of radio ads

    • Determined weaknesses in existing overall marketing strategy, execution, and team organization

    • Conducted in-depth review of existing consumer targets and developed new consumer targets with specific research-based profiles and communication strategies

    • Re-worked creative messaging, content and outreach on an evolving and ongoing basis


    • Reorganization of entire marketing team into more efficient structure

    •  Thus far, over 15% increase in sales from purchased asset as a result of strategic changes to media mix

  • With Art

    Multicultural Targeting // City of Philadelphia With Art


    To revitalize and re-imagine the City of Philadelphia’s museum network for multicultural consumers in order to increase overall attendance


    • Developed and activated regional and national market-based research plan to understand audience “turn-ons” and “turn offs”

    • Generated and executed bilingual 360° media communications plan including TV, Audio, Print, Digital, Social, PR and OOH

    • Generated new bi-lingual creative messaging, which included new logos, taglines, artwork and original video content

    • Developed and executed “touch” marketing program that included: Trendspotting, Influencers, and Grassroots extensions


    • 27% increase in multicultural interest in Philadelphia

    • 18% increase in visitation to parkway attractions

    • 33% increase in traffic to campaign website, propelling it to the most-visited destination website out of the ten largest cities’ sites

    • Pushed @VisitPhilly to the #5 city Twitter account

    • Generated over 1,000 stories published about With Art campaign and re-opening of the Barnes Foundation

  • Dell XPS

    Influencer Engagement // Dell Dell-Logo


    To help Dell launch its XPS line – and particularly its XPS 13 Ultrabook – to influencers, multicultural trendsetters, and Millennials tastemakers


    • Facilitated a global consumer study targeting a uniquely curated target audience list

    • Developed and activated digital/mobile/social media communications plan to amplify and leverage the proprietary target results and feedback

    • Hosted influencer gatherings at major events – including SXSW and NYFW – to create partnerships and gain feedback and insight

    • Developed and executed “touch” marketing program that included: Trendspotting, Influencers, Experiential and Grassroots extensions


    • Generated the most target audience digital impressions, PR hits, and viral messaging for Dell to date against the launch of any new product line

    • Launched event series at SXSW in Austin, TX and followed up with buzz-inducing events featuring major influencers at: Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago, New York Creative Week in NYC, Fast Company’s Creativity to Commerce in Montreal, World Domination Summit in Portland, Create and Cultivate in Montauk, and Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN.

  • Dell Moms

    Ambassador Program // Dell Screen shot 2012-10-25 at 3.23.26 PM


    To engage with Moms on technological needs for her family and herself while providing key insights on Dell products – especially regarding how to successfully integrate those products into the home.


    • Established a network of national network of mom ambassadors with a passion for technology and its role in the home

    • Constructed a calendar of bi-weekly social media missions for each mom ambassador

    • Designed content for television, radio, and print press packages on Moms as “Chief Technology Officers” of their homes

    • Created and executed major events to connect ambassadors and key Dell executives for product development, group focus, outside insights, etc.

    • Developed a unique microsite to manage promotions, ambassadors, and information regarding Dell news


    • Generated over 1.2 million social media impressions that reached a diverse group of audiences in each ambassador’s personal network

    • Participated in Dell’s fourth social think tank at the Massachusetts Institiute of Technology (MIT) to provide expertise and guidance on educational and technological innovation

  • aerie

    Product Re-Launch // American Eagle Outfitters Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 12.11.15 AM


    Connect with 18- to 22-year-old women and introduce them to the new and improved aerie
    brand by American Eagle Outfitters. Launch the aerie beauty and body lines.


    • Leveraged our proprietary database of influencers to create and educate a curated in-market ambassador program of over 150 ambassadors in every state with an aerie store

    • Created and executed on-campus “A-List” events – including two in-store events at the newer Times Square location – to mine focus groups for feedback and insights

    • Worked with AE to pivot all marketing communications in real time to based on the insights we captured

    • Established unique microsite to manage promotions, ambassadors, blogging, and overall media and social media

    • Re-worked all creative messaging, content and outreach on an evolving and ongoing basis


    • Upon re-launch, brand performed 500% better than projected. generating over $250 million in sales for AE.

    • Ambassador program established a presence with 78% of ambassadors returning for the following brand campaign

  • KIDS GO!

    Service Launch // PBS pbskidsgo


    To launch the PBS KIDS GO! broadband service, an online digital playground where kids from 6 to 8 years of age can watch videos, play games, share original content, and more.


    • Managed all viral and buzz marketing, publicity, advertising, and local grassroots events

    • Designed and launched USB bracelet featuring stars of the shows


    • Prompted participation from over 1,000 clubs and community organizations

    • Distributed over 45,000 bracelets and 50,000 stickercards over a span of four weeks

  • Twinklets

    Market Research // Amazar Holding image.axd


    To launch new line of tween merchandise proposed by Amazar Holding, a division of Swarovski, that wished to reach a particular demographic


    • Conducted research on the target demographic via focus groups, online surveys, and home studies.

    • Developed English website – based on original German site – with appropriately translated and modified content and games

    • Established network of brand ambassadors to promote merchandise and provide insightful feedback

    • Developed and launched viral marketing campaign involving all media


    • Initial sell-through set at 1,200 stores worldwide, exceeding previous estimates

    • Establishment of global brand awareness and appeal

  • And 1



    To create brand awareness for the And 1 Mixtape Tour, promote each tour stop, and sell


    • Established ten market street teams and partnerships with over 1,000 organizations, including Big Brother Big Sister and Sony Music


    • Attendance at over 2,500 fans for each game

    • Secured Sony artist Cassidy as headliner for all games and Old Spice as title sponsor

  • Sesame Workshop

    Market Research // PBS's The Electric Factory 93649394-486d-11dd-bf7b-df62be721a24


    To create a panel of youth in order to help executives develop the look and feel of the New Electric Company.


    • Created diverse panel of over 100 young people to gather insights and feedback on brand

    • Conducted in-person focus groups to review pilot


    • Provided valuable insights that ultimately guided major changes to the debut of the New Electric Company, which evolved from a mini-series to a weekly show