Mom’s Summer Vacation Report

As the school year dwindles down to a close and summer vacation begins, parents start their search for ways to entertain their children and themselves for the next three months. With summer break quickly approaching, BuzzMG conducted a national survey to ask Millennial moms about their plans for the next few months and vacations they […]

Millennials & Politics

In a national poll conducted by BuzzMG during April 2018, Millennials were asked to respond with their views on a few hot political topics in the US. Appropriate to the month of April, one of the topics we polled about was gender pay equality. As you may know, April is the host month of what […]

Three “C’s” For Your Spring Influencer Campaign

You’d think that with three c’s I’m referring to a diamond, but not today. But, when you think about it, an influencer campaign could be exactly what you need to make your brand shine this spring. One of the top trends this spring is florals, and with florals come color. There’s nothing better to make […]

Holiday Shopping the Millennial Way

When you go holiday shopping, what do you find is always at the top of your list? Based on a research study performed by Buzz Marketing, Millennials ranked gift cards as their number one. Gift cards are listed as the number one item in the top five most common items for holiday shopping this year; […]

Millennial Parenting & Shopping

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, BuzzMG conducted a national survey where Millennial parents were asked about their family roles and how they are applied when it comes to household purchases. Millennial families appear to have taken on traditional roles in the household more commonly than not. In the US, 62% of these families […]

What is Generation Z? 10 Things about Gen Z That You Should Know.

Generation Z is rising in financial, cultural, and social power in the United States and more and more people and companies are starting to pay attention. Currently, Gen Z represents 23 Million Americans with a combined buying power of $43 billion and an additional influence on $600 Billion of family spending. By 2020, 40% of […]

Millennials and Social Responsibility

What causes do Millennials most care about? How do Millennials hope and plan to donate their time and money? What is the best way to drive Millennial donations? In the past, Buzz Marketing Group has provided plenty of insights and tips on how any brand can reach Millennials – but this month, we are focusing […]

Back-to-School Shopping Report 2016

August is here and as summer comes to an end, it is back-to-school season yet again. Students are gearing up to return from vacations, summer jobs and internships, and lazy afternoons at home. To prepare, Buzz Marketing Group surveyed over 400 buzzSpotters from all across the country to help you keep a finger on the […]

Brexit, Hillary, The Donald, and Millennials

Millennials are multi-layered creatures. They care deeply about their country, world affairs, and their values. Brexit, the United States 2016 presidential election, police brutality, immigration controversy, acts of terrorism–What are Millennials thinking in perilous times such as these? And what political action will they take? In the information age, Millennials are always watching. According to […]