BuzzMG was tapped by Dell for a daunting task: build the best technology influencer network in the world. For the first time in years, Dell wanted to engage directly with consumers. They realized that C-suite executives were also moms managing busy families and dads looking for devices that moved at the speed of their lives.

BuzzMG built a strategy that focused on C-suite execs, creatives (architects, fashion designers), entrepreneurs, and moms. The biggest push for the program came with the development of the Dell #Inspire100, a list of 100 leaders who were changing the world for the better. With members like Gabrielle Bernstein, Carley Roney, Edward Norton, and Jesse Williams, we were able to create 18 events over 24 months, generating over 1 billion media impressions.

The highlight of the campaign? The Dell Inspire House, a Hamptons destination for entrepreneurs and agents of social change.

Dell continues to be a leader in influencer marketing within the technology community. As “the world’s largest startup” the company continues to innovate in technology and give consumers “the power to do more.”