What we do

Our Services

Connect. Engage. Inspire.


From online surveys to focus groups and ethnographic research, we do it all. Our network of 37,000 consumers allows us to keep up with trends and to deliver insights that matter to our clients.

Influencer Engagement

Whether it’s a single influencer that grows awareness with Millennials or a group of influencers brought together for bigger impact, we do it all. BuzzMG is the leader in influencer engagement and has been for over 15 years.

Public Relations

Data is at the heart of everything we do, and that’s true for our public relations work too. We work with clients to deeply understand their customers and make sure their earned media is impactful.


We create digital platforms and campaigns utilizing our network of 37,000 buzzSpotters. From creating consumer communities to creating native content, we deliver solutions that create consumer engagement.


Whether it’s creating a new brand or re-branding an existing one, we work with clients (and our buzzSpotters®) on all elements of branding – from logos to style guides. We also work with clients to expand their brands and bring them to retail – whether online or in store.


The Hive is our in-house think tank designed to help clients bring their ideas to life. It encompasses all of our services – from research to buzzStorming and viral marketing. Clients work with a designated group of our buzzSpotters® and Buzz Consultant Board members on a constant basis to make ideas come to life.