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Book A Trend Day With Tina

Not ready to launch a comprehensive, integrated brand strategy just yet? Building a brand on a limited budget? Not quite sure what your next steps should be? We’ve got you. Now you can book personalized, one-on-one consulting time with BuzzMG CEO and Founder, Tina Wells, to address your unique and most pressing needs. Ideal for team offsite strategy sessions and retreats, emerging brands in need of expert advice prior to launching a full brand strategy, or established companies in need of transitional or supplemental strategy support– one day with Tina will leave you with clearly defined next steps sure to re-energize your brand.

Choose from our core service offerings below:

Knowing what’s next empowers you to make better decisions now. We provide data, analytics and targeted insights to ensure your company stays on the cutting edge, and ahead of the competition. We leverage nearly 20 years of experience in market research across a broad variety of industries– including entertainment, luxury, lifestyle, and personal brands– to create results-driven trend reports tailored to address your specific market needs.

Millennial/Gen Z Deep Dive:
See your product or service through the eyes of a millennial or Gen Z consumer. Two groups that have a combined buying power of over $240 billion annually, millennials and Gen Z’ers require very different marketing approaches. Learn what drives them, what motivates them, where they shop, how they evaluate and use products, and much more– and then learn how to apply that data to create a uniquely tailored marketing plan for your company.

Building The Ultimate Network: Influencer 101:
Influencer marketing– done the right way– is a powerful, personal and authentic form of marketing. Learn about the different types of influencer marketing, how to identify your ideal influencers, research and evaluate both impression and engagement rates, develop mutually beneficial campaigns, and establish long-term relationships.

Marketing/Brand Strategy Development (For-Profit and Non-Profit):
Create the tools and assets you need to execute a winning strategy and grow your brand. We’ll help you understand your target consumers in a holistic way, learn how to effectively assess your competitive landscape, and learn practical tools to build an effective strategy to connect your products or services with target consumers. Leverage insights and feedback from our network of 30,000 BuzzSpotters to conduct primary research, develop a topline summary report and create a comprehensive brand audit report.